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ENGLISH 2005 (Set-III Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I Set-I & Set II.


B3. Your younger brother, Vipul, needs your advice for the preparation of Jun-
ior Talent Search Examination. Write a letter to him giving some tips in brief. You are Ramesh / Reena, staying at Kotagiri Public School Hostel, Kotagiri. 10
Last year a fifty year old man died of cardiac arrest while taking a nde on a swing in amusement park. Write a letter to the Editor, ‘The New Indian Express’ suggesting some safety measures which park owners must observe before issuing tickets. You are Parul / Parijat, hying at 15, Subhash Nagar, Jalpur.

B4. You arc Manoj / Meena. Write an article in 150-200 words on the following:
Home for the aged, a boon for the young and old.
Your experience of attending your new school.


C2. Answer the following in 30-40 words each: 5x2=10
a) What changes did the Gandhian movement bring about in the status of the Indian women?
b) What suggestions does Max Mueller give to the students studying
law at Cambridge?
c) Why is a machine compared to a Djinn?
d) Why does Edmund Burke call the Commons of Great Britain as prosecutors?
e) “No, it belongs to both of you !” Why did Mrs. Bouncer say this?

C5. Answer the following in 30-40 words each: 4x2=8
a) What advice does the author give to the parents of the physically handicapped?
b) Why did Baldwin cry at the offer from Third National?
c) Why is there a need for the youth in the modern age to be academically inclined?
d) How do Pulak and Barin realize that both of them were suffering from kleptomania?

English 2005 Question Papers Class XII