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HISTORY (Set III— Delhi)

Except for the following questions all the remaining questions have been tithed in Set I & Set II.



Q. 5. Explain briefly the Duty of Indian Police under East India Company. 5

Q. 7. Why were the Indians not appointed to the high posts in Indian Administrative Services according to the promise made by the British? Explain.
Explain the reasons, why the Santhals revolted against the British and the Zamindars.

Q. 9. Describe the recommendations of the Nehru Reports adopted in Lucknow session of 1928. Also state the reactions of different parties to it.
Describe the aim and the programme of the Civil Disobedience Movement launched under GandhiJi and the section of the society which participated in it . 8



Q. 14. Mention two clauses agreed upon between Nazis and Communists before the World War II started.

Q. 15. Explain any two Changes which .elite like Deng Xiaoping and Liqu Shaoqui wanted to bring in China's economic policies after the failure of Mao's "Great beap forward" 2

Q. 18. What is Information Technology? Explain. 2

Q. 20. Explain the problems faced by the new Spanish Republic and the measures adopted to solve them.
Explain where League of Nations failed to make any impact of any four of the disputes.

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