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HISTORY (Set II— Delhi)

Except for the following questions all the remaining questions have been tithed in Set I.



Q. 5. Explain how the Pitt. India Act of 1784 removed the short comings of Regulating Act of 1773.
Explain briefly the concept of Equality before law, was it applied in its true sense in India ? If not, give two examples to support your answer.

Q. 7. How did Revolt of 1857 intensify the feelings of racialism among the British against the Indians? Explain briefly any five ways.
How did Bhai Ram Singh try to improve the life of his followers in Punjab (Kuka Movement) Explain briefly any five ways.

Q. 9. Describe the Provisions of Rowlatt Act of 1919 and the reaction of the people there to.
Describe the role of the Swaraj Party in the Legislative Council and fl the Provincial Legislatures:



Q. 14. Mentioned two examples of the policy of appeasement adopted by Britain and Franc towards Germany before the Second World War.

Q. 15. How was the State of Israel was formed in 1947? 2

Q. 18. How did Munshi Pram Chand use his novels as a medium of social change. Give two examples. 2

Q. 20. Explain the obejctives and programme of the New Deal started by the U. S. President Roosevelt. 5
Explain any main problems faced by Weimar Republic of Germany from the very beginning.

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