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ENGLISH (Set I— Outsdie Delhi)



A1 , A2: See Q.A1, A2, Set-1 (D.B)., 2004.



B1. See Q. B1, (Set-I), D.B., 2004.

B2. You are Beena/Biju. As a special correspondent of a leading local daily, you are sent to cover a fund raising programme organized to provide a new computer laboratory for the school in your town, organized by a non-governmental organization in the city. Write a report in about l25 words for publication in the daily. 10


You are Beena/Biju. As a representative of your resident welfare association, you have attended a workshop on Art and Handwork. Write a report in about 125 words for publication in your association's newsletter. 10

B3. You are Kamala/Rajan, President of the Youth Club, Kanpur You are organizing a Science Exhibition on working models and new gadgets for the senior secondary school students of Kanpur . Write a letter to the Minister for Youth and Sports requesting him or her to be the Chief Guest and inaugurate the exhibition Do not forget to mention the activities of your club 10


You are Kamala/Rajan. You have seen an advertisement for the post an Maths Teacher in Rani Public School , Kolkata. Write a letter in response to the advertisement applying for the post. Give your detailed bio-data also.

B4. You are Nandint/Navin Mobile phone has become a necessity and is seen in the hands of the young and the old alike. Write an article on this, highlighting the crucial role the mobile phone plays by way of communication and in promoting business and economy (Word limit - 200 words) 10


You are Nandini/Navin. You have interviewed many students and their parents about the physics fitness of the school students. You are much concerned that students tend to neglect their physics, as they are obsessed with their school schedule. Write and article on this matter giving suitable suggestions. (Word limit -200 words) 10



C1. See Q.C1, Set-I, D.B, 2004.

C2. Answer the following in about 30-40 words each: 2x6=12
(a) Why was Mrs. Bouncer afraid of Box meeting Cox?
(b) What did Mueller feel about the study of Sanskrit?
(c) How do machines deprive us of the Important Ingredients of happiness?
(d) How did the peasant become the owner of the plate of gold?
(e) What does Ben Jonson convey to the readers through the line 'Although it fall and die that night'?

C5. Answer the following in about 30-40 words each. 2x4=8
(a) Write briefly on the nuexpected ending of the story 'The Face on the Wall'
(b) Why should we look in the face of the people when we speak to them?
(c) Baldwin 's honesty was well rewarded How
(d) How did Mrs. Wang treat the wounded soldier?

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