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ENGLISH (Set I— Compartment Outside Delhi)



A1 and A2 same as given in Set-I (D.B.), Comptt.). 2004.



B1. You are Rohit/Romola Birla Public School, Jaipur Write a notice for your school notice board giving the details of the wallet which you lost in your school. (Word limit -50 words) 5


Your school is organizing a Science and Technology exhibition in connection with it, prepare a poster to bring home to the people the importance of conservation of electricity. Your school is A.P. Public School , Daryaganj, Delhi (Word limit -50 words)

B2. You are the co-ordinator of your school Junior Red Cross Group Prepare a report on its activities of this academic year, to be published in your school magazine. (Maximum words - 125) 10


As Apoorva, a newspaper correspondent, prepare a report in 125 words on the traffic conditions prevailing in your locality near Sabhash Park , Agra .

B3. The Manager, ICICI Bank, Lucknow requires a few business development Managers, for the credit card section. Write an application for the post, offering your services, giving bio-data. You are Prithem/Priti, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow . 10


You are Apoorva. You bought a television from Electronics, Gandhi Marg, Nagpur , it does not function property. Wrote a letter to the Sales Manager of the shop, complaining about the defect and seeking immediate replacement or repair, as necessary

B4. Write an article in 150 words for your school magazine on any one of the topics given below . 10
(i) Role of youth in road safety and prevention of road accidents.
(ii) How to end the increasing trend of violence, prevailing in the present day World. 4

C1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow Your answers must be brief.
"This poor unsophisticated girl had defeated me. I admitted it. This was not the first time the English sense of beauty had disarmed me. We approached the Westminster Bridge '
(i) Who Is the girl referred to here ' How did she defeat the narrator' 2
(ii) Which way does the girl take every day from office to home and why? 2
(iii) Who is the narrator? 1
(iv) Where were they going? Why? 1
(v) Do you think the narrator had the experience of being with the English earlier' How do you know' 2

C2. Answer the following in 30-40 words each: 6x2=12
(i) Compare the women in ancient India with the women in 18th and 19th century India.
(ii) According to Max Muller, what role does religion play in human life? Explain.
(iii) What does the poet Gabriel Okara want to relearn and what does he want to be?
(iv) How has tourism industry caused immense environmental degradation?
(v) Why does the narrator think that the progress is only on one side of the hedge?
(vi) What were the charges levelled against Warren Hastings by Edmund Burke? (Any four points)

C3. Answer the following in 150 words: 10
Describe the Andaman Islands briefly.


Will machines destroy emotions, or will emotions destroy machines? Discuss.

C4. Answer the following in 150 words: 7
"The story 'The Face on the Wall', narrated by the stranger, is both mysterious and interesting." Justify.


Describe the role of a teacher and a textbook as pointed out by Gandhiji.

C5. Answer the following in 30-40 words each: 4x2=8
(i) What is the spiritual dimension that Karan Singh refers to in the lesson "Youth and the Tasks Ahead"? How does it help us?
(ii) How does the mother bear treat its grown-up cubs?
(iii) What was the turning point in the lawyer's life and how did it come about?
(iv)   What, according to Barin, was an incredible coincidence?

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