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Construction companies in Marathahalli. If you’re in the beginning stages of a construction project, you might not realize everything and everyone involved in getting the job off the ground. Choosing the right contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers can be challenging, but it’s well worth the time spent.All of the following types of construction companies have a role to play in completing the project, and they typically work under their own contract or a subcontract. The problem arises when the project owner is unaware of the existing contracts or subcontracts, which can lead to payment issues. And, since nearly anyone on the project can file a mechanics lien, project owners can find themselves in hot water with construction companies they didn’t know existed. When it comes to kicking a project off with the money and vision, it’s usually the real estate developer who’s responsible. Commonly, the real estate developer actually owns the property, but a property owner might also hire a developer for their expertise in overseeing a project. If the project owner hires a real estate developer, the developer is typically at the helm of the project. They have the task of hiring several other construction companies, including a design firm and GC, and ensuring they get paid. For that reason, these companies must understand how mechanics lines work.Design firms have another vital role to play, as well. They review pay applications submitted by the other construction companies working on the project. These firms compare the applications to the drawings and specs to approve or deny the app. Some of these companies operate as design-build firms, meaning they not only create the drawings and plans, but also act as the general contractor on the project. In which case, they’ll not only review the apps, but they’ll also be responsible for hiring subcontractors and distributing payments. If you are interested pls contact +91 8296698585

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