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FlightsLogic is a one-stop travel technology provider that allows you to book flights, hotels, transfers, car rentals, tours, rails, buses, cruises, and other services. It is a complete travel ERP solution that includes booking engines, supplier interfaces, agent management, API Redistribution, dynamic packaging, and more. We power B2B and B2C travel companies globally.

Our team is committed to developing a robust and scalable technology platform that may act as a growth accelerator for travel firms. We specialize in logical solutions with a high degree of flexibility for various business processes in the travel industry. Our clients’ businesses benefit from our solutions by having a more efficient operating process, more revenue potential, and higher levels of client satisfaction.

We are a leading travel technology company dedicated to providing innovative travel software and cutting-edge travel technology solutions to travel agencies, travel management companies, travel portal development companies, and tour operators, allowing them to automate business processes, maximize profits, and improve customer experience.

FlightsLogic has integrated all GDSs, LCCs, and more than 100+ suppliers for lodging, car rentals, sightseeing/excursions/activities, transfers, and travel insurance. We provide our customers with reliable software and top-notch support to help them increase their performance and expand their full potential. We help you connect with the travel ecosystem, which creates new opportunities for business travel that can accelerate your business’s and your travel partners’ growth.

Our primary goal is to automate and optimize the customer travel experience when booking travel, to obtain the most affordable rates for travel solutions, and to initiate last-minute bookings.

We offer end-to-end online travel technology solutions for large travel organizations, TMCs, OTAs, and corporate clients. In addition to providing the best online travel management experience, FlightsLogic keeps up with new advances in travel technology. It gives you that extra push to get clients to do business with you again, which aids in the growth of your business.

Using our unique travel software, travel agents and travel companies may fully automate booking operations, sell products, and create business relationships with travel suppliers and partners to maximize tour profits. We provide complete software solutions and IT services to the travel and hospitality industries to establish, maintain and improve business processes.

We assist travel and hospitality companies in developing online travel distribution and marketing strategies, leveraging our travel technology experience to achieve the best outcomes and remain ahead of the competition.

Offering the best technology solutions to the Travel and Hospitality industry.

FlightsLogic is a top travel technology provider, offering cutting-edge travel tech solutions for travel agents, travel agencies, online travel agencies, tour operators, DMCs, and travel companies to automate travel processes like bookings, itinerary creation, quotation, and customized packages to boost sales, increase productivity, and run their operations more effectively.

To deliver an excellent customer experience and maximize sales and profitability for travel companies, our professional team develops cutting-edge travel technology solutions with unique features and functionality designed depending on travel company requirements. With direct connections to more than 50+ travel suppliers, we operate and aggregate the inventory in the world for online travel agencies, corporate reservations, online travel searches, and mobile app services.

We provide top-notch services by developing flexible travel software solutions and reservation systems following the most recent technical trends, an agile approach, and innovation.

Our platform is specially designed for travel management organizations, destination management companies, travel aggregators, B2B B2C travel agencies, tour operators, and home-based travel agents.

Our team’s expertise in IT and travel technology enables us to create high-quality software that can satisfy all requirements for travel portal solutions. We provide travel agencies with a comprehensive range of travel technology solutions to help them grow their businesses by facilitating the booking of flights, hotels, cars, and buses.

FlightsLogic is a complete travel redistribution API platform that enables users to integrate a single API for any service they use, including lodging, transportation, and activities. With its built-in extranet and redistribution features, we make it simple to integrate many providers for travel reservation systems.

Our Travel Booking Engine offers a comprehensive solution for B2C, B2B, B2B2C, BackOffice, CMS, Extranet / Negotiated fare management, MIS data in the form of graphs, and the option to export in many formats, makes it a valuable tool. We assist our clients who are traveling to locate the best alternative for them from the millions of flights, hotels, and cruises available locally and internationally.

In addition to supporting our clients with tools, we provide various technology products to give travel suppliers and agencies the resources they need to help their customers have a better experience when booking tickets. We offer innovative travel services all under one roof for our customers, including independent hotels, car rentals, travel providers, and travel consolidators.

We help businesses automate their processes by lowering corporate, B2B, B2C, and mobile booking demand. We deliver worldwide travel content that allows agents to offer a wide range of travel products at a un unbeatable prices.

Why do travel agents need to find the best Travel technology companies in India?

Finding the best travel technology solution provider is crucial for travel agents and tour operators, even if not all travel website companies offer customer services that match your expectations. Travel Technology assists travel companies in booking trips for their clients, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, vehicle rentals, and various other travel-related activities.

Travel technology automates reservations, payments, and back-office processes of travel companies while also allowing customers to book online without using a travel agent. The ultimate objective of deploying travel technology is to automate travel and related procedures, saving time and cost and providing consumers with a more seamless travel experience.

Furthermore, technology may help organizations increase their accuracy and convenience while also lowering or eliminating human mistakes. Travel technology and software improve the consumer experience and expectations. It also aids in the creation of a successful logo in the global travel business.

You may sell your travel services internationally at any time with our online travel agency. Use the best travel portal development solutions to modernize your online travel business and meet all your customers’ needs.

FlightsLogic is the industry leader in providing travel technology systems to tour operators, online travel agencies, and wholesalers. We work with some of the most recognizable and well-known businesses in the travel industry, offering them unique and scalable solutions for a constantly evolving market. We offer a wide range of travel technology services, including websites to make reservations for hotels, airlines, and excursions.

Our solutions provide alternatives for cross-platform selection, centralized back-office management, commissions, markup control, automatic booking confirmation to the email address, and many other features. They also have robust functionality. We assist you in increasing conversion rates with high-performance travel websites that enable your customers to book lodging, travel arrangements, vacation packages, and more.

We will offer back-office capabilities, real-time booking options, and an inventory with hundreds of hotels and airline service providers through our travel technology solution. We create an online hotel booking site and flight booking software using the best apps and technology.

FlightsLogic has optimized leading travel technology applications, including reservations systems, online booking engines, PSS, departure control systems, and many more. With the help of our expertise, business processes are becoming more interconnected, enabling businesses to respond to market changes more swiftly.

Are you looking for the best travel technology solution to make a mark in the travel industry?
FlightsLogic promises you the best travel software to stay up with the growth of advanced travel portals and helps you provide your customers with the lowest prices on airline tickets, hotels, buses, rail, and tour packages. With our state-of-the-art technologies, your website will stand out from the crowd and attract more visitors.

With FlightsLogic, you can build a top travel website with booking administration, online booking, cashless payment, GDS, XML, and Travel API Connectivity. We offer efficient API/XML integration of GDS such as Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre to deliver the best services to your customers such as real-time data access, charges, corporate rules, and so on.

Our product enables our customers to obtain all aspects of our services. Our vast experience in travel technology has helped us to develop one of the best travel software solutions in the business.

Our Travel Technology Solutions

Flight Booking Engine

FlightsLogic, the most popular flight search engine in the world, assists you in increasing online sales. Our airline booking system is a fully customizable solution. Our booking engine will smoothly connect with an existing web presence and is easily customizable and adaptive to satisfy all client requests.

• Flyer number

• Queue Management

• Non-refundable fare

• Alert for Last Seat Availability

• One-Way / Round Trip

• Live Ticketing and Cancellation

Hotel Booking Engine

We work with various accommodation establishments as clients, including hotels, apartments, motels, hostels, lodges, and guest houses. In order to fulfill your business needs and complete transactions, we provide hotel reservation systems that enable a range of B2B and B2C modules, such as the CRS booking engine, extranet system, and linkages to numerous hotel XML suppliers. Our services may help your hotel create a powerful online presence that can boost awareness, speed up transactions, and save costs.

• Advanced Hotel Search

• Instant Live Booking and Cancellation

• Print/Email Invoices & Vouchers

• Secure Payment Gateway

• Fast Secure, and reliable online reservation system

Car Booking Engine

This module is the ideal solution for travel companies aiming to increase bookings and revenue since it enables customers to view available vehicles and make online reservations directly from the website. Travel agencies may use car rental software to obtain access to system-generated insights and relevant data that can be used to improve their business model. The software is a complete online car rental booking system that allows you to manage online car bookings and provide secure reports.

Transfer Booking Engine

FlightsLogic transfer booking engine is a module that enables clients and travel agencies to schedule transfers. We understood the different requirements of its customers and successfully developed a one-stop solution for suppliers – a comprehensive and easy-to-access booking engine. Our transfer booking system allows transfer agents and their sub-agents to rent vehicles for the transfer of their passengers to their respective destinations. Our transfer reservation engine works with multiple B2B suppliers and supports all major international airports.

B2B Travel Booking Solutions

Travel agencies may make bookings using the online booking system and manage them directly with the help of the FlightsLogic B2B module. It enables partner agencies, GSA Multiple branches, and the multi-level distribution feature of the B2B module to allow partners to create their own agent network. It helps travel agents book through the online B2B sales channel.

B2C Travel Booking Solutions

B2C is an affordable and one of the most effective travel technology solutions that helps a travel business reach greater heights. The B2C Travel Portal enables travel portals to aggregate all travel-related searches in one location, giving travelers access to the information they need for their itinerary.

Travel APP Development

Our online travel management and reservation platform, FlightsLogic offers a mobile booking app for B2C clients and travel agencies. Online travel companies may broaden the appeal of their online reservation systems by developing an intuitive mobile travel application for Android and iOS. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to assist travel and hospitality companies in streamlining their operations, enhancing customer service, and generating more revenue.

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