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CHEMISTRY 2005 (Set-III Outside Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have bees asked In Set I. and Set II.

Q. 6. Complete the following chemical equations: 2

(i) R2 SiCI2 + H2O –>

(ii) NaCIO3 (aq) + SO2 (g) –>

Q. 10. What are biodegradable polymers? Write the structural formula of a bio-degradable polymer. 2

Q. 13. Stating the necessary reaction conditions write chemical reaction equations to obtain the following: 3

(i) Chlorobenzene from aniline

(ii) 2-bromo-4-methyl aniline from p-toluidine

(iii) Ethylamine from acetaldehyde

Q. 18. (a) Write chemical equations to illustrate each of the following reactions:

(i) Acylation reaction

(ii) Rosenmund reduction

(b) Write the IUPAC name of the following compound: 3



CH3 CH(Br)CH2 C-NHCH3      

Q. 23. What is a propellant? How are various rocket propellants classified? Give one example of each class. 3

Q. 25. (a) Answer the following queries about proteins:

(i) How are proteins related to amino acids?

(ii) How are oligopeptides different from polypeptides?

(iii) When is a protein said to be denatured?

(b) What are hormones? Give an example. Why are hormones called chemical messengers? 5


 (a) Define and classify vitamins. Give at least two examples of each type.

(b) Define enzymes and comment on the specificity in action of an enzy Illustrate with an example.

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