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Political Science—2003 (Set I—Outside Delhi)

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I D. B., 2003.

Q. 1. Explain the meaning of ‘Equality’?

Q. 2. Describe any two characteristics of a good law?

Q. 3. Differentiate between Marxism and Socialism.

Q. 6. Why are rights necessary for individuals.

Q. 10. What is the significance of National Development Council?

Q. 11. What is the relationship between economic liberty and social justice?

Q. 12. What do you mean by simple majority system of representation.

Q. 13. Write a short not on reservation of seats provided in the constitution of India?

Q. 14. How far is it correct to call India a welfare state? Give arguments in support of your answer.

Q. 15. ‘Rights without duties have no meaning’. Comment.

Q. 17. Differentiate between territorial and functional system of representation.

Q. 18. Suggest any two electoral reforms to curb the money and muscle power during elections in India.

Q. 20. Explain the role of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Commission in the socio-economic development of the weaper sections of society in India.

Q. 21. What are the main tenets of Gandhism? What is the relevance of Gandhism today?


Explain the concept of Liberalism. Differentiate between ‘Classical Liberalism’ and ‘New Liberalism’

Q. 22. What are the prerequisites of sound public opinion? What is the role of means of communication in the formation and expression of public opinion.


Do you agree with the view that a multi-party system has many drawbacks? Give reasons for your answer.

Q. 23. Discuss the major programmes and policies of the Congress Party of India.


What is the role of opposition parties in the sound functioning of democracy in India.

Q. 24. ‘Communalism is a cause for the sound functioning of democracy in India. Do you agree with this view? Why?


What is the difference between regionalism and separatism? What are the causes of rising regionalism in India.

Q. 25. Discuss India’s role in the U.N.O.


Discuss India’s deteriorating relationship with Pakistan. How can we improve it.

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