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Political Science—2003 (Set I—Delhi)

Q. 1. What is implied by ‘social justice’?

Q. 2. Describe any two characteristics of a good law.

Q. 3. Explain the concept of Fascism.

Q. 4. Discuss two main developmental activities of the state.

Q. 5. How far is it corret to call India a welfare state?

Q. 6. Differentiate between territorial and functional representation?

Q. 7. What is the importance of electoral participation in India.

Q. 8. Mention the two amendments in the Indian Constitution which allowed reservation of one-third seas for women at the local level.

Q. 9. Explain any two functions of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Commission of India.

Q. 10. ‘Rights imply duties’. Do you agree with this view. Why?

Q. 11. Discuss briefly the relationship between liberty and equality?

Q. 16. Describe the composition of the Election Commission of India. Who amongst the following has the right to declare the dates for the election in India — (a) President (b) Prime Minister (c) Chief Justice, (d) Election Commission.

Q. 17. Majority is not enough and unanimity is not required for the formulation and expression of public opinion.” Explain this statement.

Q. 18. What is the significance of political parties in a democracy?

Q. 20. What is the role of the Planning Commission in the socio-economic development of India.

Q. 21. What are the main tenets of Gandhism? What is the relevence of Gandhism today?


What are the main tenets of Marxism? What is the difference between Marxism and Socialism.

Q. 23. What are the main drawbacks of the party system in India? How can we improve that?


Discus the nature and functioning of interest groups in India.

Q. 24. What are the causes of rising violence in India? How can we curb it?


Write a short essay on the causes and consequences of regional imbalance in India.

Q. 25. What are the main principle of the foreign policy of India? Explain any four of them.


Discuss India’s changing relationship with the United States of America.

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