University Accommodation :

There are various types of accomodation available in the Australian universities.

University residential colleges : University residential colleges provide accommodation, all meals, cleaning and a wide range of support services for social and study needs. They are generally more expensive

University halls of residence : University halls of residence also offer accommodation but with fewer facilities , Self-catering facilities are provided, and some meals and cleaning services are usually included but students are generally able to be largely independent..

University Apartments : Some universities also offer apartments for rent either close to or on campus. This provides students with the security of university-based accommodation .

Hostels and Guesthouses : Hostel and guesthouse accommodation is available for both tertiary and non-tertiary students. Residents share kitchen and bathroom facilities and cook for themselves. This type of accommodation is cheaper

Share Accomodation : Share accommodation is when two or more people live together in a house or apartment and share the costs.

Rental Accomodation : Rental accommodation is the same as share accommodation except that it involves finding a house or apartment to rent, rather than moving into one that has already been rented and set up. Rental accommodation is rarely furnished so students will need to supply their own furniture and household goods. Rental agreements usually require payment of rent in advance, as well as a security payment called a ‘bond’ (usually one month’s rent) that is paid upfront..