Education In New Zeland

New Zealanders value fresh thinking and teach original thinking. When students educated in New Zealand embark on their chosen careers they're valued for the new ideas they are able to contribute in today's new world. New Zealand bases its education programmes on the British system. Therefore, New Zealand offers students the most prestigious education system in the world without the expense and inconvenience of living in the Northern Hemisphere.

A qualification from New Zealand ranks with the best in the world. It is seen as internationally desirable because students have a high level of practical and theoretical competency when they graduate.

New Zealand is an easy, safe place to live and New Zealanders are as famous as the Irish for their warmth and hospitality. A multiracial, multicultural country, it makes students feel at home, find friends quickly and experience the moving, spiritual culture of New Zealand.New Zealanders are, by nature, inquisitive and adventurous. They encourage new, independent thinking, exploration and research. As a result, New Zealand degrees have a reputation around the world for being practical, modern and desirable.

In areas such as forestry, food processing, biotechnology, forensic science and marine engineering, New Zealand qualifications are acknowledged as simply the best in the world. New Zealanders are friendly, welcoming, love travel and enjoy meeting people from other cultures. English is the everyday language of New Zealanders and there is strong English Language support for international students. Both secondary and tertiary education in New Zealand offers an attractive and stimulating academic environment.

A long established democracy, New Zealand offers a safe and stable political environment. A great variety of recreational and cultural experiences are available in a country renowned for its natural beauty. Living and tuition costs compare well with other countries. Travel to New Zealand is easy with direct flights from most major cities. The climate is temperate with pleasant seasonal changes and is conducive to study and recreation. A wide variety of ethnic communities reside in New Zealand.