Applying for a student visa

Anyone who wishes to study in Australia will need a student visa to stay and study in Australia.

Student visa requirements

Before you apply for an Australian course you should contact the Australian embassy to find out if you will be eligible for a student visa, how to make your application, and what your document requirements will be.

There are different visa requirements depending on :

What type of study a student is enrolled in?

Student visas are divided into seven subclasses that depend on the type of study a student has enrolled in.

When applying for a student visa, a student should carefully check the country assessment level for his country of origin. The visa assessment levels range from one to five, and depend on where the passport was issued, and on the visa subclass.

There are numerous general requirements that students must meet in order to be eligible for a student visa. These include :

  • Evidence of Enrollment
  • Financial Ability
  • English Proficiency
  • Health Insuranc
  • Normally a time-period of four to six weeks is required for processing the visa applications.

For queries regarding application etc, you can log on to

Working in Australia

All student visas for Australia are initially granted with a ‘no work’ condition. However, once students start their studies, they can apply for permission to work. The permission can either be sought online or in person to closest immigration office of the student. There are, however, restrictions on how many hours a student can work in a week. Once you have permission to work you will also need to get an Australian tax file number before you start work.

International students at the higher education level can work up to 20 hours a week during course time and full time during vacation periods.


Student can choose university accommodation or homestay, to self-catered apartments or share houses, there’s an option to suit every personality and budget.

Universities, TAFE institutes and other large education providers have accommodation services to provide information and advice about the different accommodation options and costs, and to help students find appropriate accommodation to suit their needs.

Homestay or Farmstay : Homestay (in city areas) and farmstay (in rural areas) accommodation gives international students the option of living with an Australian family in their home. Single or shared rooms may be available and cost will therefore vary according to the type of room. Meals are generally provided and included in the cost; however, self-catered homestay is also sometimes available.