Energy stored in a Coil or Solenoid

As we know, work has to be done against the back emf in establishing the current through an inductor. This work done is stored as magnetic potential energy in the coil (inductor). The rate of work when a current I flows through the inductor is given by

Therefore, dW = LIdI
Total amount of work done in establishing the current I is W = ∫ dw = ∫0I LIDI

By integrating it, we get w=1/2 LI2

Therefore, magnetic potential energy in s inductor (solenoid) is given by

The self inductance if a solenoid is L= μ 0n2 Al

Al is the volume of the solenoid. Therefore, the energy density (energy per unit volume) is given

This relation has been derived for a solenoid but it is general and valid for any region of space in which a magnetic field exists.
Recall that the electrostatic energy stored per unit volume in a parallel plate capacitor is given by

It should be noted that in both the cases energy is proportional to the square of the field strength. Both are general relations.


If electric currents are flowing simultaneously in two nearby coils, the flux linked with one coil will be the sum of two fluxes which exist independently in two coils. Therefore, total flux linkages with coil X is given by (See figure 16)




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