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Quantity survey institute in Marathahalli. Quantity surveyors estimate and control costs for large construction projects. They make sure that structures meet legal and quality standards. Quantity surveyors are involved at every stage of a project. Whether they’re working on residential, commercial or industrial projects, clients rely on them to ensure that the final outcome is value for money.An apprenticeship with a construction firm is a good way into the industry. Apprenticeships are open to anyone. Quantity surveyor (construction cost consultants/cost estimators) work for either the client or the contractor and can be based in an office or on-site. They make sure the costs of large construction and infrastructure projects are accurately estimated based on initial requirements and project specs.As an apprentice, you will be fully employed by your company and expected to work a minimum of 30 hours a week. Your time will be split between on-the-job experience and a college or training provider.As a quantity surveyor you will be responsible for helping to estimate costs, quantities, and project timelines and providing this information to clients. You will be liasing with a variety of other teams and helping to keep a project on track.As a trainee, assistant or junior quantity surveyor, you could work towards chartered status. This would widen your career options and help you earn a higher salary. http://cherryinstitute.in/best-quantity-survey-training-marathahalli-bangalore.(http://cherryinstitute.in/best-quantity-survey-training-marathahalli-bangalore.html).If you are interested pls contact us +91 8296698585

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