MA English coaching classes DU , IGNOU

Our approach to literature is thorough and methodical, yet keeping the teaching part simple and effective,
At English literature Academy, the focus is equally laid on developing the technical understanding required to gauge the text from the academic point of view as well as developing an emotional understanding required to relate to the psychological and moral aspects.

Such an extensive and wholesome approach allows us to cover all the aspects and fundamentals associated with any piece of literature.

 Whenever we read a piece of literature, we are required to consider all the below mentioned elements: 

1.       Critical analysis.
2.       State of mind
3.       Literary criticism
4.       Literary themes
5.       Discussing critiques reviews.
6.       Structure and form.
7.       Psychological aspects.

We cover all these elements, and also, at the same time, we make sure that literature becomes an uplifting and engaging experience for the students rather than just an academic entity.