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nvest 7.50 Lakhs in Agarwood Plantation
Get Back Rs. 50 Lakhs after 8 Years along with your Land of 532.4 Square yards @1410
• Agar Wood Cultivation is Promoted By Government of India through Agar Wood Board of India
• Early Returns in 8 Years ( Compare to Red Sandal, Srigandham, others)
• Almost 7 Times Guaranteed Returns in 8 Years 7.50 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs
• Land is Yours - Square Yard Cost now is Rs. 1410/- Only
• Maintenance by the company till Cutting
• The Value of the Plant will be depending on the Quantity of Heart wood
• AT Present the cost of Agar wood Chips is Rs. 1.50 Lakhs per KG to Rs. 50 Lakhs Per KG
• Check the current Market Price in India where you can buy instantly http://surl.li/jznsn
• Buy Back offers by the Exporters, Raw Plant Buyers, Raw Chips Buyers and Wholesale Traders.
• Rs. 50 Lakh Buy Back Offer after 8 Years – Guaranteed Returns – Agreement will be executed.
• Rajyasabha accepted the proposal to promote the Agar wood Cultivation Unanimously in December 2022 https://youtu.be/TtvKElbzjzA
• Agarwood (OUD) Oil. Agarwood (OUD) Oil is extracted carefully from Aquilaria Crassna Pierre tree that is selected rigorously by the experts. ...Agarwood (OUD) Balm. ...Agarwood (OUD) Chips. ...Agarwood (OUD) Incense Cone. .Agarwood (OUD) Bracelet. ...Agarwood (OUD) Tea.
• Agarwood is used for incense, perfume, traditional medicine, and other products in the world market. In traditional Chinese medicine, agarwood is used as a qi-regulating drug and carminative medicine to relieve gastric problems, coughs, rheumatism, and high fever.
• The Agarwood tree is famous for its wood and oil and can grow up to 40 m in height and around 80 cm in width. Hailed as the ’Wood of the Gods,’ Agarwood has been grown and traded for centuries. The tree’s scientific name is Aquilaria, also commonly known as Gaharu or Aloe wood in India.
• Is agarwood a good investment?
• Agarwood is the ideal investment opportunity in everybody’s reach. Returns are usually paid out after 7
• Agar Wood Products cost in India
• https://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/agarwood.html

• Secure your Kids / Grand Children Future with a Small Investment of RS. 7.50 Lakhs Only
• Call now to grab the early offer.

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