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BIOLOGY— 2003 (Set III—Outside Delhi)

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II


Q. Not. 1-8 are of very short answer ppe carrying 1 markes each. Of these the first five questions are of multiple choice which have to be answered simply as A, B, C or D. The remaining questions have to be answered in approximately 1-20 words each.

Q. 1. Which of the following structures are analogous? 1
(a) Legs of cockroach and the legs of a cat
(b) Forelegs of a dog and the wings of a bat
(c) Wings of a bat and the flipper of a whale
(d) Pectoral fin of a fish and the forelimb of a frog
Ans. (a)

Q. 2. DPT vaccine creates immunity against 1
(a) Diarrhoea, pneumonia and typhoid
(b) Diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus
(c) Dysentery, plague and tetanus
(d) Diphtheria, polio and tuberculosis
Ans. (b)

Q. 3. Gibberellins promote the production of 1
(a) male flowers
(b) female flowers
(c) neutral flowers
(d) abscission layer
Ans. (a)

Q. 4. What was the most significant conclusion that Mendel drew from his experiments? 1
(a) There is considerable genetic variation in garden pea
(b) Traits are inherited in discrete units, one from each parent
(c) Genes are composed of DNA
(d) Recessive genes occur as frequently as dominant ones
Ans. (d)

Q. 7. Name the tissue involved in linear and lateral growth in plants. 1

Q. 8. Which type of immunity is provided by vaccinations? 1


Q. Nos. 9-18 are of short answer type carrying 2 marks each. Answer them in 20-30 words each.

Q. 15. Name two hormones secreted from the thyroid. Mention one symptom of hypothyroidism in children and name this disorder. 2

Q. 16. Name the cells that release pyrogens. What is the role of these substances in the defence of the body? 2

Q. 18. Differentiate between tendon and ligament. 2


Q. Nos. 19-27 are of short answer type carrying 3 marks each. Only one of these questions (Q. 27) based on drawing skill has internal choice. Answer the rest in approximately 30.50 words each.

Q. 20. How do rise temperature and increased wind velocity affect transpiration? Write any two adaptations-shown by certain plants to reduce transpiration. 3

Q. 22. How did Hill prove experimentally that oxygen evolved during photosynthesis comes from water? 3

Q. 23. Why are haemophilia and colour-blindness usually seen in human males?
Can women also develop these disorders? Explain. 3

Biology 2003 Question Papers Class XII