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BIOLOGY— 2003 (Set III—Compartment Outside Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II

Q. Nos. 1-8 are of very short answer type carrying 1 mark each. Of these the first five questions are of multiple choice type which have to be answered simply as A, B, C or D. The remaining questions have to be approximately 1-20 words each.

Q.1. One of the plants bearing anemophilous flowers is
(a) Vallisneria
(b) Salvia
(c) Kigelia
(d) Maize
Ans. (d)

Q.2. Pick out the false statement with reference to exophthalmic goiter.
(a) Failure of thyroid secretion causes this disease
(b) Thyroid gland enlarges
(c) Eye balls bulge
(d) The person suffers from high temperature, nervousness and irritability
Ans. (a)

Q. 3. A boy has the blood group O. What is true of the inheritance of this blood group in his case?
(a) His mother should be with AB blood group
(b) Both this parents could be heterozygous A group
(c) His father could be homozygous B group His mother could be homozygous A group
Ans. (b)

Q. 6. What is the special structural feature of the epithelial cells that line the fallopian tubes?


Q. Nos. 9-18 are of short answer type carrying 2 marks each Answer them in approximately 20-30 words each.

Q.11. Mention the special function performed by
(a) Tap root of beet root
(b) Axillary bud of water melon


Q. Nos. 28-30 are long answer type carrying 5 marks each. Q. Nos. 29 and 30 have internal choice. Answer these questions in approximately 80-120 words each.

Q. 29. (a) Draw a labelled diagram of a human ovum just released by the mature Graafian follicle.
(b) Why is this ovum called alecithal?
(c) Where is this ovum fertilised under normal conditions?
(d) What happens to Graaflan follicle after ovulation?
(a) Through schematic diagrams, illustrate the stages of spermatogenesis.
(b) Why is the descent of testes from the abdomen to the scrotum significant in a human male?
(c) How does the entry of the sperm influence cell division of the secondary oocyte?

Biology 2003 Question Papers Class XII