Students unaware of CBSEs online classroom

March 14, 2013, 12:00 am

In an effort to reach its students in a more casual way and to let them understand study projects and various subject oriented topics, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) logged on to YouTube to start its own channel - CBSEChannel - on the video sharing portal. While CBSE became the first board in the country to have taken such an initiative by launching the channel earlier this month, the students are mostly uninformed about the helpful move.

The schools have not made any efforts to inform the students about the YouTube channel, which renders the initiative useless. CBSE affiliated schools can post videos produced by them on various topics like educational projects, social issues, personal grooming, general knowledge and other issues concerned with students. Children can look up the channel for interesting information on subjects, general awareness and other issues common during adolescence.

Class XI student at a CBSE school in the city Gurkeerat Singh said he has not heard about the channel yet. "I am sure it would benefit us in terms of academics and personal grooming, but the board should inform students, so that they can avail the facility," he added.

The board’s move is expected to help students in their studies as well as their personal life. The channel will include videos that motivate students to concentrate on their studies and help them resolve their doubts over important concepts. Videos of meaningful skits on drug abuse, female foeticide and other social issues held at CBSE schools will be uploaded on the channel for students.

"Is there really such a YouTube channel started by CBSE?" asked Class XII student Paras Kapoor, who quite likes the idea of online learning and finds theoretical work boring.

Another Class XII student

Harmanpreet Singh happened to know about the CBSEchannel on the video sharing portal. "Yes, I am aware of this channel and have even browsed it to look for a chemistry project. The other stuff, including motivational videos that guide students, is very helpful for us," he added.

"If the board is providing a facility for students, it must inform us as well, or else the initiative wouldn’t serve purpose. It is an innovative and interesting way of teaching and counselling students on various social and emotional issues," said Class XI student Parteek.