Students seek online answers to crack board exams

February 12, 2011, 12:00 am

The internet is proving to be a handy source of help for those preparing to appear for the upcoming Class
10 board exams. There are more than 40,000 posts on online forums set up for ICSE and CBSE students
and thousands of visitors downloading sample question papers everyday. Jeevika Rohira, 15, a Class 10
student from Villa Theresa High School, Peddar Road, logs on to the
website set up by the ICSE board, downloads sample question papers
and solves them. The website ( is free and does not
require a login or password.
"The sample papers available on the website are up-to-date with
changes in the syllabus. The practice papers in the printed question
books are picked from previous years’ papers and are sometimes based
on the old syllabus," said Rohira.
For now, Rohira is solving maths and science papers, which are
evaluated by her school teachers.
For CBSE students, even the board’s director and controller of examinations are available for online
counselling. Students’ queries posted on the website ( are promptly answered.
Private websites, too, provide discussion boards, where students post queries, which are answered by the
site’s registered members.
"Administrators monitor the website to keep it spam-free," said Mithilesh Keshari, director of one such
Keshari said that their website for CBSE students ( gets 5 million hits per day while the one
for ICSE students ( gets a million hits.
"Earlier students went to libraries or spoke to teachers, but now they use the internet to solve problems. It
is important that the right people moderate the discussion boards," said Lalitha Hariharan, principal, Rizvi
Springfield School, Bandra.