RIMS International first city school to get the latest CBSE-i accreditation

March 18, 2013, 12:00 am

RIMS International will be the first school in the city to get the latest CBSE-i accreditation. The new curriculum, bench marked by CBSE will address global and local needs. The curriculum was initiated and incorporated since 2011-12 across 26 schools in the middle-east. "CBSE had decided to shortlist 50 schools on pilot basis and we are very happy to know that ours is one of them," said Amruta Prabhu, Principal, RIMS. "CBSE will conduct a two-day workshop Tuesday for the selected school’s principals," Prabhu said, adding most of the teaching methods will be sourced online.

"It is a futuristic way of learning. The syllabus and the entire curriculum will be sourced from New Delhi. All our teachers use laptops as teaching aids and we will soon be introducing smart boards," Prabhu added.