Rahul Gandhi passage on CBSE class 5 guidebook

July 26, 2013, 12:00 am

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has made an entry into CBSE class 5 guidebook.

An English comprehension book prescribed by several CBSE schools across India has a passage on Rahul which pays glowing tributes to the party vice-president.

The book has been written by Meera Wadhwa and published by Rachna Sagar Pvt Limited, Delhi.

The passage in the book titled “Together with English” (CCE-based 5) reads, “Part of fifth generation of India’s most reverend, influential and charismatic political family, Rahul Gandhi is also, like sister Priyanka, natural at public life.”

The passage continues, “The low profile Rahul surprised the nation with his energy, humility and charisma when he plunged into electoral politics.”

Seems to be mesmerised by Rahul’s “charisma” the writer also says, “Sceptics wondered whether this young man, who had spent most of his life in the US and Britain would be able to adjust to rough-and-tumble of Indian political life. But not only did the “young Rahul take to politics like proverbial duck to water”, he also exhibited “impressive confidence and maturity.” The passage then asks four questions to students including how did he surprised the nation and what did the sceptics wonder.

Deepshikha Shrivastav, Principal of Rajhans Vidyalay (CBSE), Andheri says, “CBSE doesn’t prescribe any book up to class 8. So, schools are free to select their books from private publishers. Moreover, this is a guidebook which we don’t prescribe.” Another principal termed the book as “fiction.”

However, the news created a huge controversy since it was broke on Twitter on Thursday.
Writer Wadhva couldn’t be contacted. The officials of Rachna Sagar publication admitted that the book is widely being used but refused to comment further. “Our director will call you after sometime,” said an editorial desk member. However, there was no communication from the publication.