JEE aspirants file petition against CBSE

May 14, 2013, 12:00 am

15 IIT JEE (Main) aspirants seem to be unhappy with their results. Recently, after the results were announced on 7th of May, many students claimed that they found mistakes in their score cards.

The JEE is a three stage entrance exam for gaining admission to India’s highest ranked IIT and NIT engineering universities. It consists of a prelim, mains, and advanced testing stage.

The petition says "The respondents provided no mechanism to redress the grievances of petitioners who have secured a much higher score according to the solutions of prominent coaching institutions, but will be deprived of sitting in the JEE (Advanced) Exam 2013 being conducted by the CBSE as well as getting admission in any reputed engineering college, only because of institutional arrogance of respondents who have chosen to either not respond to the pleas of mercy or replied in an arbitrary and mechanical manner with patent absence of application of mind."