Indians top once again

November 20, 2006, 12:00 am

Dominance of the Indian students in the world of education has been proved once more. According to a study by the �Institute of International Education�, India is once again top in international enrolments in US universities.

The report said that for the fourth time in a row India leads the table of foreign students. India has secured number one position with 80,466 of its students admitted to US universities during the 2004-05 academic sessions. India is followed by China (62,523), South Korea (53,358), Japan (42, 215), and Canada (28,140). The study also said that overall, there is 1.3 percent decline in the flow of foreign student to America. During this academic year, the enrolment has come down from 572,509 to 565,039. The number of Indian students, too, has been much smaller this time - 0.9 percent against 6.9 percent last year.