Harvard Business School will open centre in Mumbai

November 20, 2006, 12:00 am

World�s most prestigious business school finally reaches Indian shores. The renowned Ivy League institution � Harvard Business School - has announced the opening of its India centre in Mumbai. India will become the fifth nation in the world to have the presence of Harvard University`s prestigious business school. The other three are located in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Paris and Tokyo.

HBS sources said that the Mumbai centre will focus on research connected with Indian companies in a globalised economy, foreign firms looking for opportunities in India, and policy makers working to create a competitive environment. Along with the research, the centre will also have selected executive education courses, conducted by the Harvard faculty. Two such courses are slated for January 2006. Industry insiders feel that the initiative will help Harvard Business School to expand ties with prominent business leader, universities, and researchers in the world�s most important economic region. The centre will be headed by Dr.Ajay Mukherjee.