Committee on Yoga Education in Universities.

January 19, 2016, 1:06 pm

A Consultative meeting on Yoga Education in Universities was taken by the Hon’ble
Minister for Human Resource Development with the Vice-Chancellors in Bangalore on 2"d
January, 2016 wherein it was decided to set up Department of Yogic Art and Science in the
Universities and constitute a Committee on Yoga Education in Universities to look into
various aspects pertaining to setting up of Departments of Yogic Art and Science.

2. The Government, therefore, hereby constitutes a Committee on Yoga Education in
Universities with the following members:

i. Prof. H.R. Nagendra, Chancellor, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana,
Samsthana, Bengaluru ... ... .. Chairperson
ii. Prof. Suresh Lal Barnawal, Head, Department of Yoga Dev Sanskriti
Vishwavidyalaya, Gayatrikunj-Shantikunj, Haridwar. .. .. Member
iii. Prof. lshwar Bharadwaj, Head, Department of Yogic Sciences, Gurukul
Kangri University, Haridwar. .... Member
iv. Prof. Neel Kamal, University of Patanjali, Haridwar .. ... Member
v. Swami Atmapriyananda, Vice-Chancellor, Ramakrishna Vivekananda
University, Kolkatta ..... Member
vi. Pandit Radhey Shyam, Director, Ujjain Yoga Life Society International, Yoga
Bhavan, Taran Tall Premises, Kothi Road, Uliain ..... Member
vii. Prof. 0 P Tiwari, Kaivalayadhama, Lonawala ... .. Member
viii. Prof. Subramanayam, Adviser, Vivekananda College, Madurai .. ... Member
ix. Prof. P. Venkat Rangan, Vice-Chancellor, Amrita University,
Coimbatore ..... Member
x. Sri Rupen Bhowmik, Working President. Indian Yoga Federation,
Agartala ..... Member
xi. Joint Secretary, Department of AYUSH ........ Member
xii. Secretary, UGC ..... Member-Convener

3. The following will be the Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the Committee:

(i) To identify the courses and programmes in Yogic Art and Science and the
levels at which they can be offered.
(ii) To spell out the scope of programmes offered at Certificate, Diploma,
Degree, Post Graduate Degree/Postgraduate Diploma and Research
levels, and to develop broad details of the curriculum in core and elective
courses thereof.
(iii) To prescribe the syllabus for conducting NET in Yogic Art and Science.
(iv) To determine the eligibility qualifications for students for joining Yoga
Education Programme at different levels.
(v) To prescribe the qualifications of faculty of Yoga in the colleges and
universities and also to examine whether the existing qualifications in
recruitment of the faculty in the colleges and universities as presently
approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). will need
(vi) To identify universities where Departments of Yoga already exists and to
consider whether they can be upgraded to be developed as Departments
of Yogic Art and Science.
(vii) To suggest the names of National Level Yoga Centres whose exp~rtise
can be networked with the universities where the Departments of Yogic
Arts and Science will be established.
(viii) To determine the modalities of further training for persons who may be
recruited with their present background in the field of Yoga.
(ix) Any other issue considered relevant for the establishment of Department
of Yogic Art and Science.

4. The UGC shall provide all secretarial assistance and logistics support to the
Chairman and Members of the Committee. This will include expenditure on travel
and accommodation of the Committee. The Committee may devise its own
methodology and processes for its functioning. The Committee may also engage
Experts, rapporteurs and raconteurs as required by it for enabling smooth progress in
its working. The expenditure for engagement of such Experts,. rapporteurs and
raconteurs may also be borne by the UGC.

5. The Committee will submit its report to this Ministry within 45 days. The
Committee shall cease to function on the day it submits its report to the Gov~rrlint
(Ish ita~ Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India
To: Chairperson and all Members

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