Centre for Assessment, Evaluation & Research (CAER) has launched an assessment training programme

January 28, 2013, 12:00 am

CBSE’s Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CAER) has launched an assessment training programme. CBSE had established CAER through public private partnership with Pearson Foundation.

The purpose of the Centre is to develop global capabilities and resources for schools, teachers and key functionaries of school management.

It is envisaged through this endeavour that a symbiosis of the expertise and experience of the board and the partner organization, Pearson Foundation, will help in bringing about an overall improvement in the quality of learning, assessment, research and professional development.

It is important for all the stakeholders in the CBSE affiliated schools to know that the Centre which has taken strides to formulate the first of a series of professional development programmes for teachers and principals will roll out its Assessment Training Programme (ATP) in February 2013.

The ATP comprises four modules � constructing quality multiple choice items to assess the scholastic skills of the curriculum, constructing quality constructed-response items to assess the scholastic skills of the curriculum, formative assessment and the use of performance standards for assessing scholastic and co-scholastic skills and classroom-based research.

"Participation in all four modules and the fulfilment of the required follow up activity will allow those attending to submit evidence for a qualification. Whether or not delegates opt for the qualification, successful participation will create a pool of assessment experts in the country as well as build assessment capacity of teachers in India. All CBSE schools may consider participating whole heartedly in the aforesaid programme", CBSE circular to schools state.