CBSE suggests principals & staff to use water that students use

September 19, 2016, 4:16 pm

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) published a circular that says principals and staff members should drink the same water that kids drink they are supposed to use the same source of water as well and get aware if that is safe and clean enough to drink for the kids. This way the effort to make students carry very less weight will be accomplished. In a recent circular sent by CBSE to all its schools it is written that schools should ensure that the water they are providing is pure and clean and make it safe drinking for everybody. And tell students not to bring heavy bottle in their bags to school. If all the teachers and including the senior authorities start drinking the same water that students take on regular basis. The quality of water will be ensured and students will be safe from getting sick. CBSE pointed out the matter of carrying heavy bags a week back carrying heavier bags seem to be harmful to their health and finding out the ways to reduce some weight so that little kids will stay away from dangerous muscle ache and other horrifying conditions. Heavier school bags create the problem related to muscle to cure this prescribed medicines effects deep inside their bodies.

The board has also advised that note books for classes I to VIII should be easy to carry and should not allow to bring them all to school every day in order to secure kids from carrying very heavy bags in the schools.