CBSE: Students can opt for a new course on library science

February 19, 2014, 2:53 pm

Students of class XI and XII, who want to opt for a �different� subject at school, can do so now. Starting academic year 2014-15, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to introduce Library and Information Science� as a new elective at senior secondary level on a pilot basis in selected schools.
Students will be able to take the up subject as one of the four electives or as an additional elective at senior secondary stage in combination with any of the subjects under the Scheme of Studies of the Board.
�CBSE has decided to introduce a Library & Information Science Course at senior secondary level, which will fulfil the requirement of developing necessary skills in learners to identify, locate, evaluate and use the required information efficiently�,� Dr Sadhana Parashar, director, CBSE, Academics, said.
The level of knowledge offered would be equivalent to diploma level. The course will be divided into fixed periods, with theory (80 marks) and practical sessions (20 marks), the Board said in a statement.
The course will include lessons on sectors such as library information society, library resources, reference and information resources, library computer application and library management. The statement said the course was essential because of its relevance and need among students, teachers, professionals and researchers.
Emphasising on the need for such a subject, the Board added, �One important aspect of this elective is to improve the education system for Library and Information Science at school level. The objectives of the course are to develop a basic understanding about the subject and develop knowledge and skill for students to be able to pursue the subject for higher education.�
While children would be motivated to enjoy reading and gain basic knowledge of LISc, students who drop out of school or those unable to continue further education, will be able to find jobs right after school, the Board said.
�As stated in the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, it is important that future planning treats the library as an essential component of the school at all levels. Both teachers and children need to be motivated and trained to use the library as a resource for learning, pleasure and concentration.� Vineet Joshi, chairman of CBSE, said.