CBSE: Students can learn a new subject, Theatre studies from 2015

February 20, 2014, 1:20 pm

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is offering the Theatre studies at the Class XI-XII level following a pilot run in select schools last year.

Among other subjects available to senior secondary students are NCC, human rights and a unique "Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India" which combines various

disciplines of study. For middle school, the board is offering Chinese language, the pilot run of which is under way in 25 schools at present.

The first batch will take their board exams in these subjects in March 2015.

"Theatre studies is now going to be offered in all schools after their pilot run on first-come-first-served basis in 2013-14. Theatre can also play an important role in reinforcing

and furthering the learning of other academic subjects which are taught in conventional ways," said CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi. "It concretizes issues that would otherwise

remain abstract and difficult for children to grasp. It puts life back into bookish learning."

Legal studies is also bound to appeal to a lot of students, especially those considering the five-year integrated law course. "The board wants to give a competitive edge to

students who wish to prepare for a career in law. Prior to opting for law in higher studies, students will get an idea about the subject and their own aptitude. Based on the

response during our pilot run, we are extending the option to all schools who would like to offer the subject," said Joshi.

The course will include theory and nature of political institutions, nature and sources of law, historical evolution of Indian legal system, civil and criminal courts and processes,

family justice system, arbitration, tribunal adjudication and alternate dispute resolution, human rights in India, the international context and an overview of the legal profession in


Human rights and gender studies have been received well in the pilot run in 50 schools in the ongoing session. The objective of this subject is "create awareness about law,

administration of justice, need for equality of opportunity and have an understanding of the history of gender and division of labour", said Joshi.

Each of these electives will be offered with a combination of three other electives and a language.