CBSE schools in Chennai have not uploaded details on websites

September 16, 2013, 1:00 pm

As per a CBSE instruction all schools had to upload their information on websites.

Many CBSE schools in the city have missed the September 15 deadline to upload comprehensive details about their institution on their website as instructed by the Board.

Of the over 100 schools on the Chennai Sahodaya Complex, an association of city-based CBSE schools, at least 50 do not have complete details on their websites.

Since 2010, the CBSE has been asking affiliated schools to develop their websites and upload specific information about the school through an annual report, in a bid to increase transparency.

As per a circular, schools have to upload affiliation details, list of members of the school management committee, scale-wise details of staff with their pay including a counsellor and librarian, library details with the number of books, members of the sexual harassment redressal committee, class-wise enrolment of students, and fee details among others.

The latest circular, issued on June 17, said that to ensure effective compliance, the Board had decided to link compliance with this instruction with registration of each school�s class IX and XI candidates for Board examinations.

Another August 12 circular outlining the procedure and schedule for registration of class IX and XI students also reminds schools of this requirement.

However, on Sunday evening, the websites of many schools lacked several of the details. While some like Vidya Mandir, and Vel’s Vidhyashram had put up all the necessary details, many others had no details about the fee structure and salaries of teaching staff.

While one school principal said there was still need for clarity on whether it was mandatory to upload the information, another principal said schools had been closed for two days last week due to the rains, and were also busy with the registration for exams.

�The information is ready. It only has to be uploaded. We will do it this week,� she said.

Another principal said there was some confusion about whether salaries of individual teachers had to be uploaded or just a range based on a scale. �Since these details are mandatory, schools are in the process of uploading the details,� he said.