CBSE schools approach board chairman

March 14, 2013, 12:00 am

Kerala CBSE Schools Management Association delegation which met CBSE Chairman, Vineet Joshi, in Delhi on Monday and briefed him on the confusion and contradiction likely to result from the insistence on follow two types of syllabus in the same school.

The association claims that there is a demand from the Kerala government that SCERT syllabus be taught for elementary education covering Classes I to VIII

and NCERT for Secondary and Senior Secondary i.e., Class of IX to XII. "Both syllabus will be having separate norms and standard for comprehensive and continuous evaluation (CCE), training system, inspection and accreditation. The effect will be to completely detach elementary education by the syllabus and Bye-Laws of CBSE, thereby practically removing the section from the control and authority of CBSE Board and there by Central Government. This shall adversely affect the functioning of CBSE Schools", said the association general secretary, Indira Rajan.

She added that the chairman promised to study the matter in detail and take steps to safeguard the national character and curriculum of unaided CBSE schools in Kerala.