CBSE school ban girls to wear skirts in Rohtak

March 21, 2013, 12:00 am

A private school in Rohtak has issued orders prohibiting girls from wearing skirts.
This comes after a village panchayat in Jind district banned girls from dancing in cultural programmes.

The sartorial diktat was passed by the Samiti’s Rohtak unit citing the reason that the girls feel uncomfortable while sitting for morning prayers in skirts and "salwar-kameez will also prevent rowdy boys from passing lewd remarks at the girls".

The schools, located in both the urban and rural areas of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s home district, has around 2000 girl students who will be affected by the order.

Advocating the pros of wearing salwar-kurta, she said, "Girls may land up in embarrassing situation, if skirt gets torn during riding two wheelers or playing sports during school hours".

President of Shiksa Bharti School institution, Satish Sindhwani said: "It has been made compulsory, owing to the fact that girls are not comfortable doing Yoga and morning prayer in skirts in which they have to sit on floor for 40 mins".