CBSE ordered 8,000 schools to reveal data online

November 21, 2016, 4:38 pm

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued a circular on October 25. Circular mentioned that over 8,000 have to disclose the informative data. CBSE appealed for details to be submitted till November 30. There are 18,179 schools affiliated from CBSE board and accordingly over 13,000 schools have submitted the data online said by CBSE officials. Officials also told while some schools have no issues giving details to officials other are putting objections and not ready to submit the details of salary of their staff with their names. The chairman of CBSE Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi declared that officials had to publish the circular under the clause directed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a parliamentary committee meeting. Modi’s directions require using GIS technology in mapping examination centers. The PM asked directed CBSE officials to put information about the centers online. And other details in order to help school authorities, students and parents to be informed about the details. Chaturvedi told TOI, "The information about the centers will not be available on the mobile app till we feed in all the required data".

CBSE chairman also informed that nearly 45% schools have submitted the required data and rest of the schools seemed to be preparing to follow the orders. "From these disclosures, parents can choose a school-keeping in view their economic condition, their location and their choice of schooling. They can also find a school when they shift to another location," he added.