CBSE or ICSE school to be started

January 7, 2011, 12:00 am

Schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have started coming up in large numbers across the state. The sudden rise in their numbers is being attributed to the restlessness among parents and educationists over issues including the regulation of fee structure in schools and the implementation of Samacheer Kalvi in state-run and matriculation schools. On the other hand, the recently introduced educational reforms have made CBSE schools an attractive alternative.

Several existing matriculation schools, including Zion Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Everwin Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School and Kaligi Ranganathan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, have also started new CBSE schools and have called for applications for admission to the new schools for the next academic year. School heads say the move was made based on the demand of parents, who were worried over the state of flux in the education scenario in the state, owing to these issues.

Speaking about the trend, B Purushothaman, principal and correspondent of Everwin Matriculation Higher Secondary School, said: "With the implementation of Samacheer Kalvi, there is really not much difference between CBSE and matriculation schools, as both are drawn based on the National Curriculum Framework guidelines. Weighing our options, we also found that the educational reforms, including the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system and the optional board exams introduced by the CBSE, are also to our advantage."

Some Anglo-Indian and convent schools that had earlier held affiliations with the Indian Council of Secondary Education, but had later shifted to the matriculation board, have also been noted to make efforts to renew their ICSE affiliations. Some others across the state are attempting to close down existing matriculation schools and replace them with CBSE schools. Students are being given circulars highlighting the advantages of studying in a CBSE school, asking parents to extend their cooperation to make the shift.

Education consultant K R Maalathi said: "Almost all the trusts that run several educational institutions have started new CBSE schools. Without doubt, the reasons are the recent attempts to regulate fees in schools and the introduction of a common syllabus. Each board is unique and requires teachers with a particular skill set. So, before schools start shifting affiliations, it is important for the managements to ensure the right teachers are employed.

Under the CBSE affiliation guidelines, a school can apply for affiliation after the school has started Class VI, but before students are admitted to Class IX and above. This clause has allowed these schools to be started at a time when the state has said that it would be strict in issuing No Objection certificates required for a CBSE or ICSE school to be started. However, some have been found to flout these norms.

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