Board is rescheduling CBSE, ICSE schedule for exams

May 3, 2013, 12:00 am

Readjustments to the academic year will take place from 2013-14 for schools to be able to complete 195 days despite of the Goa Board of

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education using the premises of institutions to hold its Class X and XII public exams. The Class XII exam

will begin in the first week of March from next year onwards and Class X exam will be held from the second week of March.

"We are working with the directorate of education and by May 15, we will come out with a plan for the upcoming academic year so that the

Goa Board exams do not have any impact on schools’ instructional days. Goa board will follow the pattern of national boards like CBSE and

ICSE from 2013-14, where Class XII exams are held in the first week of March and Class X in the second week of March each year," Goa

Board chairperson Jose Remedios Rebello said.

When chief minister and education minister Manohar Parrikar warned schools at the ongoing assembly session against ending the academic

year without completing the mandatory 195 instructional days, the conduct of the Goa Board’s Class X and XII exams in the premises of

schools was named as the biggest culprit by institutions for having to cut short the year.

Parrikar had suggested in the assembly that schools continue classes after a gap for the Goa Board exams. But schools have also

complained about teachers being kept engaged in the paper setting, paper correction and exam supervision work of the board.