Scholar Ship

There are limited scholarships available in Canada but they rarely cover the full cost of a study program and they are not always easy to find. Scholarships to international students are available at some Canadian institutions for students with exceptional results.

Types of Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan enables Commonwealth students of high intellectual promise to pursue studies in Commonwealth countries. Awards comprise of travel, a living allowance, and all compulsory tuition fees.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programmed

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programmed scholarships are available to graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines. Students must have been accepted to an Ontario university, and obtained a valid student authorization.

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarships

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarships are available to those studying in Quebec. Teaching/ Research Assistantships are assessed in the general application. Financial assistance is frequently available to students studying at the master’s level and above, the amount of funding is likely to increase with the level of study.