SIT's Russia: Ethnic and Cultural:

The program appeals to a wide range of students because in addition to language study, there are unparalleled opportunities to explore Russia's fascinating ethnic diversity and the ways these differing cultures interact and affect the country as a whole.

St. Petersburg is a city of haunting magnificence, bearing witness to massive social change in recent decades. The program's initial base, St. Petersburg, provides avenues for students to explore Russian ties to Europe, and the relationships it has with its Western neighbors.

Program Highlights

  • Ethnic and Cultural Studies Seminar
  • Three unique homestays in St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and in either the Republic of Buryatia or Tuva
  • Russian language study with a focus on oral skills .
  • Field Study Seminar: including cross-cultural adaptation skills, ethics of fieldwork
  • Independent Study Project

Requirements for admissions (international students)

  • No previous Russian language knowledge is necessary. Programs are available on all levels of Russian (non) fluency.
  • You will be placed in appropriate level according to the result of placement test given the first day of classes.
  • In order to participate in our program in Russia you must:-
    - have Grade Point Average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
    - be at least 16 years old at the time of departure.
    Admission dates
Term Dates Deadlines
Academic Year September 1 - May 15 May 1
Fall September 1 - December 13 May 1
Spring February 1 - May 15 November 1
Summer June 30 - August 1 Marc1

Since we serve on first come - first serve basis, it is strongly suggested that you Print the Application, and send it in at your earliest convenience.

Semester & year programmes

  • Students are placed in the appropriate level according to the result of the placement test given the first day of classes.
  • Students receive an official transcript from St. Petersburg State Technical University based on Russian language and other courses taken.
  • Excursions in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod, theaters, cinemas, sport facilities, jazz club.
    Classes Offered:
  • Russian language. (16 hours per week). Russian grammar, conversation, phonetics, translation, writing practice, etc. Language of instruction is Russian, but the different sections are geared to students ability and background. There is a maximum of 10 : 1 student teacher ratio.
  • Political science - Contemporary Russian Life. (3 hours per week). Major elements of contemporary Russian life are surveyed - law, economics, government, health care, art and education. Sample topics include Soviet literature and journalism, the nationality's questions since 1985 and economic effects of Perestroika. Taught in English and Russian.
  • Russian business terminology and current business trends. (3 hours per week). Designed for students at the Upper intermediate or Advanced levels. This course offers Russian Business terminology for three hours per week: two hours in class plus one hour of outside work. The course includes the study of business language plus an introduction to the Russian economy and review of current business and economic events and trends.