Facilities and Bureaus

Technikon Pretoria offers various facilities for events such as:

Computer facilities Computer and Internet facilities are available to students in Building 6 on the main campus, as well as at the libraries of the varioucampuses.

  • Bookstore A variety of books are available at the bookstore on the first floor of Building 30 on the main campus.
  • Travel agency Technikon Pretoria has its own travel agency located in Building 30 on the first floor (right opposite the bookstore). To make your stay most memorable. make sure to visit them. Telephone number: (+27 12) 318 5569.


A variation of bureaus offer an extensive support and development service to students. It facilitates the overall social, emotional, intellectual, physical, vocational and moral well-being of all students within the Technikon environment.

The Bureau for Students Services advises existing and prospective students on available financial support; creates opportunities for the obtaining of financial aid; in-house training and jobs; provides a financial advisory service for the administration and allocation of bursaries and loans; runs an employment bureau for students to get in touch with potential employers; and provides a campus health service. Student Guidance .Being at Technikon can be tough. Many students have difficulties in dealing with study skills and coping with the teaching and learning styles of a Technikon.

The Bureau for Study Guidance offers a wide range of services to all our students. Through suitable programmes, students are assisted in developing a positive attitude towards their studies, equipped with the necessary study skills, and guided to discover and develop their own unique study potential.

The Bureau for Student Development responds to educational development issues and provides students with opportunities to develop their personality and character. The development of self management skills and leadership qualities are specifically stimulated.

The Bureau for Sport Development promotes the Technikon's mission of promoting a balanced student life by facilitating the development of students' physical skills and the use of leisure time. They also render developmental assistance to the broader community.

The Bureau for Student Governance provides services to empower student organisations to manage their affairs in an effective and accountable way.

The Bureau for Student Counselling guides and supports existing and prospective students in making the correct study and career choices, according to their potential. Assistance in developing their individual, career and entrepreneurial skills are given on an ongoing basis.