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A special course designed to prepare students for the entrance examination is held in Fribourg between October and the end of June. The course fee is SFr. 4,200.

The address for both events is:
Cours préparatoires de Fribourg (Preparatory courses)
Route du Jura 7, CH-1700 Fribourg
Tel.: +41 26 322 76 23, Fax: +41 26 322 67 03

Entrance examination for the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology

Candidates who hold certificates which are only partly recognised have to pass an entrance examination at the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (Zurich and Lausanne). Deadline for applications for the Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ): Middle of January for the February examination session End of July for the September examination session Deadline for applications for the Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL): End of May for the summer examination session Middle of August for the autumn examination session There is a one-year course at Lausanne which prepares candidates for the examination.

Entrance examination for the University of St Gall

The University of St Gall accepts only a restricted number of foreign students, all of whom have to sit for an entrance examination. Candidates holding a matriculation certificate which is recognised for admission at the University of St Gall additionally have to pass the entrance examination for foreign students in St Gall. Candidates who hold matriculation certificates which are only partly accepted must pass the examination in Fribourg .

Preparatory Program with Intensive English and French courses

CHF 5'500.- Duration of the preparatory program: 3 months (ten weeks). Tuition fee for the Bachelor's degree: January intake: First Year CHF16'500.- Second year CHF12'000.- Third year CHF12'000.- April and october intakes 2002: First Year CHF18'000.- Second year CHF15'000.- Third year CHF15'000.-The registration fee is CHF150.-, which must be paid with the completed application form. To confirm the enrollment place, a deposit of CHF 2'000.- should be paid two weeks after the issuance of the acceptance letter. The deposit will be deducted when students make tuition fee payment.

Refundable Deposit for Student Visa

Before the student gets the Swiss visa, the respective schools will be obliged to provide financial guarantee for each student. Therefore schools requires a deposit of CHF 1'000.- from each student. The schools l keep this deposit in case the students have financial problem with their invoices and if nothing happens, the deposit will be refunded when the student leaves the school.Students will be enrolled only after the submission and approval of all the documents related with the application.

Book Cost:

Costs of books and references up to CHF300-. a year are included in the tuition fee. Living Expenses: Transport: Monthly paid bus ticket for students less than 25 years old is CHF35.- and CHF70.- for students more than 25 years old.