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Total station training in marathahalli. A Total Station is a surveying instrument used to measure any angle, horizontal, vertical or slope, from any given point. A Total Station is also used to measure the distance of a target object from any given point. A total station is an electronic/optical instrument used in modern surveying and building Constrution that uses electronic transit theodolite in conjunction with electronic distance meter (EDM).It is also integrated with microprocessor, electronic data collector and storage system.The instrument is used to measure sloping distance of object to the instrument, horizontal angles and vertical angles. This Microprocessor unit enables for computation of data collected to further calculate the horizontal distance, coordinates of a point and reduced level of point.Data collected from total station can be downloaded into computer/laptops for further processing of information.Total stations are mainly used by land surveyors and civil engineers, either to record features as in topographic surveying or to set osut features (such as roads, houses or boundaries). They are also used by archaeologists to record excavations and by police, crime scene investigators, private accident Reconstructionist and insurance companies to take measurements of scenes.n the field of construction and survey, there is a need for perfection and precision. This begins while surveying a plot for construction. There can be no room for errors. Errors can cause damage and delay. Errors lead to customer dissatisfaction and most importantly errors cost a lot! There are certain measures to be taken to ensure errors don’t happen. Using reliable instruments for calculations and validating the results is necessary. These instruments provide accurate and precise results that help engineers to execute their construction plans without any second thoughts. So, it is wise to invest in these versatile instruments rather than pay a lot for correcting the errors which could be very expensive if at all possible. If you are interested for demo pls contact us +91 8296698585