Proexcellency provides SAP CAR online training

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) is a foundation that collects transactional data that was previously spread over multiple independent applications in diverse formats. SAP CAR offers real time insights into Inventory, On-shelf availability, Omnichannel sales across all channels,and the list goes on. SAP CAR is powered by SAP HANA’s real-time computing capability to provide Point Of Sale data transfer from stores to the SAP CAR platform and then provide sales analytics, inventory visibility, and demand forecasting in real-time.
Functions of SAP CAR:
• Provides accurate demand forecast and optimise Replenishment processes/decisions
• Provides a strong platform for better promotions and product assortments that can be used for personalised marketing
• Provides real-time standard Fiori apps covering a wide range of SAP standard business processes/solutions
• SAP CAR considered as more reliable platform as it accumulates all the POS data from various autonomous systems, processes it as per standard or bespoke business processes and provides a harmonized and single source of truth POS data for all the downstream consuming applications.
• SAP CAR is a better technology platform considering it provides a lot of inbuilt standard features (depends on CARAB bundle version) which can be readily used for the effective business/operational activities.

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