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More noteworthy IT penetration combined with easy availability and the sheer comfort of shopping on the web is driving the online book shop market in India with players anticipating that the portion should get a fillip with the onset of e-commerce and the digital book era.
Online bookstores in India have off late been acknowledged for several reasons as mentioned below:
Overall Inventory
If you are looking for all types of books, Book Hungama is one of the best online bookstores in India. It not only provides you with e-books, audio books, etc. but also helps you filter by categories and subjects to help you find exactly what you are looking for.
Minimized need for big investment
The need of huge investments in terms of setting up large physical stores is also eliminated. Since supply is the key in the book market an online platform with its accessibility and variety is highly desirable. In terms of online sales, nearly 40 to 445% of revenue is generated from the 6 top metros like Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.
Suitable for online book publishing in India
An online format is a perfect present for travellers and people time bound. For authors who have yet not made it to the big league and whose titles have not reached the best seller mark as yet, the e-book format makes better business sense.
Digital strategies
The biggest challenge is the online store market to device new strategies for new e-book formats, capturing payments, facilitating distribution and building infrastructure to ensure end delivery part from coming new technology to deal with growing market and demands of growing customer base.
Book Hungama reading app is one such platform that serves to your entire book reading hunger with the best of features and functionalities.
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