Competitive Exams after 12th - CHSL ,Railway ..

Competitive Exams after 12th
.. As soon as one think about the “Government Job’ automatically the sense of job security comes with it. That’s what makes the Government jobs attracts people. Many Govt. departments conduct Competitive Exams for recruitment purpose. Here we are trying to provide the list of Competitive Exams for recruitment where the minimum eligibility criteria for qualification is class 12th only. These popular government jobs not only help provide the candidates an entry into the business world but also help boost their career to higher levels during the course of their service. Candidates can apply for these jobs if they have pass class 12th exam.

Railways Recruitment Exam
Assistant Loco Pilot: Assistant Loco Pilot is a person who assists the Loco Pilot (Train Driver) in Driving or piloting the train. This job requires continuous attention and high degree of responsiveness.
Railway Clerks: Job of Train Clerk include checking the number of wagons and coaches in Railway yard, preparing train documents like Vehicle Guidance (VG), feeding these information in railway network terminals, giving and receiving information from control regarding train working, maintenance of registers related with working of trains etc.The job can be in either in Stations or Control offices in Divisional/Zonal headquarters..
Railway Constables: Railways constables are responsible to maintain the law and order in the railway premises. They are required to do regular patrolling during any journey to check notorious activities.

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