Class X ENGLISH COMMUNICATIVE — 2006 (Set II Compartment Outside Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set - I.


3. Messrs Dolton & Mayors had selected Smita Sahu as a Sales Manager for their company and had drafted a letter given below to intimate her. The firm later decided to send a telegram to save time. Draft the telegram on behalf of the Manager Personnel in not more than 25 words in the proper format. (5 marks)

Shakti Towers
New Delhi

02 February, 2006
Ms. Smita Sahu
Sector 17

Sub: Offer for Appointment as Sales Manager

Dear Ms. Smita Sahu,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the post of Sales Manager by our firm.

You are requested to report at the Head Office on 10 February 2006 by 9 a.m. to Mr. Varghese George. Delay on your part may be considered as your inability to accept this offer. Kindly confirm your acceptance telegraphically.

Accommodation has been arranged for you at the company guest house.

Yours sincerely,
Naveen Gin
Manager Personnel


8. See C 11 2006 (Comptt. III Delhi)


12. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. Write each answer m your answer sheet in one or two lines only. (4 marks)

And some in dreams assured were
Of the spirit that plagued us so;
Nine fathom deep he had followed us
From the land of mist and snow.

  1. Who are ‘us’ referred to here? (1)
  2. Which was the spirit that plagued them? (1)
  3. Why did it plague them in that manner? (1)
  4. n what way did it plague them? (1)

13. See D 13, 2006 (Comptt. II Delhi)

16. What impression do you form of the elder brother after reading the story ‘The Tribute’? Write your answer in 50-75 words. (4 marks)

17. Imagine that you are Cutie Pie. After you return home safely, you decide to write your experiences in your diary. Write the diary entry in your answer sheet. Your answer should be in about 150-475 words. (8 marks)