Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II.


Q. 2. Write the (i) name and. (ii) formula of the functional group present in the compound, CH3COOH. 1

Q. 8. How is plaster of Paris obtained? What reaction is involved in the setting of a paste of plaster of Paris? 2

Q. 11. Write chemical equations for the reactions taking place when 3

(i) Zinc sulphide is heated in air.

(ii) Carbon dioxide gas is passed into lime water.

(iii) Hydrogen sulphide is passed into an aqueous solution of SO2.

Q. 12. (i) How are metalloids different from metals? Name a metalloid.

(ii) Differentiate between the roasting and calcination processes used in metallurgy. Give an example of each. . 3

Q. 16. A -convex lens has focal length of 30 cm. Calculate at what distance should the object be placed from the lens so that it forms an image at 60 cm on the other side of the lens? Find the magnification produced by the lens in this case. 3

Q. 17. (i) State the formula showing how the current I in a conductor varies when

the potential difference V applied across it is increased stepwise.

(ii) Show this relationship also on a schematic graph.

(iii) When a potential difference of 1.2 volt is applied across a conductor the current flowing in it is 0.25 ampere. Calculate the resistance of the conductor. 3


Q. 24. Describe how the following can lead to soil erosion: 2

(I) Removal of vegetation

(ii) Suspended cultivation.

Q. 25. What methods will you use for growing jasmine and rose plants? 2

Q. 26. Name any two techniques used for removing particles suspended in air. Describe one of these techniques. 3

Q. 27. What activity occurs in the gizzard of a grasshopper? Draw a neat and labelled diagram showing the digestive system of a grasshopper. 3

Q. 30. (i) Name the blood vessel that brings deoxygenated blood to the human heart.

(ii) Which chamber of the human heart receives deoxygenated blood?

(iii) Describe how deoxygenated blood from this chamber is sent to lungs for oxygenation. 5