Distance Education

The human spirit continuously urges people to know more and in the modern world distance learning courses can help sustain that spirit. Distance learning courses have helped people to develop a dynamic personality for themselves as they help them to engage in multiple activities. For those who can not afford to attend regular classes, distance learning courses have come as blessings. And with the passage of time the initial hesitation of learning through distance education has also gone away. In fact, pursuing a good distance learning course can help a lot of people in scaling high in any organization that they are presently engaged with. Thus apart from allowing you to learn in your own time and pace distance learning also improves your career options. Moreover the course fee of these distance education courses are much lesser as compared to that of the regular courses. As it appears today, the benefits of the correspondence courses will be reaped by more and more people in the future.

As the number of institutes providing distance distance learning courses are continuously proliferating, in this section, we have tried to cover two very important topics- Distance Learning in India and Distance Learning Abroad.

Distance Learning in India

The section on Distance Learning in India will focus on the universities in India that are providing various correspondence courses through the distance learning mode.

Institute of Business Administration / Switzerland

Intensive course in Business Administration as a distance learning course.

Improve your job opportunities with additionalqualifications in business administration.


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Distance Learning Abroad

The section on Distance Learning Abroad has also been designed on similar lines. It will focus on various distance learning courses and universities that provide correspondence courses.

We are trying to put in as much information as possible and our motive is also to provide as authentic details as possible about the distance learning courses and institutes that are providing them. But if you come across any discrepancy, do write to us about it. We would appreciate any kind of effort that would improve the quality of the site. Please find links below to know more about Distance Learning in India and Distance Learning Abroad.

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