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CBSE Important Questions

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Practice Paper 3

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  1. Write d-orbitals is envolved in dsp2 and sp3d hybridisation?
  2. Find out the no of waves made by bohr electron in one complete revolution in third orbit?
  3. Find the bond order of no-and co+ ions?
  4. Name one solid which has both schottky and frankel defect?
  5. The effective radius of an iron atom is 1.62 it has rock sall like structure . calculate its density {Fe =56 amu}?
  6. A mixture of chloro benzene and Bromo benzene is nearly an ideal solution . but a
    mixture of chloroform and is not why?
  7. The vapur pressure of a dil aqueasus solution of glucose [C6 H12 O6] is750mm of mercury at 373K. calculate [1] molality [2] mole farection of the solute3?
  8. If 20.0cm3 of 1.0M cacl3 and of 20m cacl2 are mixed ,what will be the resultant molarity?
  9. State and explain the third law of thrmodynamics?
  10. Calculate the free eneregy change of reactio
    C[grphite] + O2[g] Co2
    H = 300Kg mol-1 and S=3jK-1 mol-1
    prodict whether the reaction is spontaneous or not at 300K?
  11. Define electrochemical equivalent?
  12. Specific conductivity of a 12.N solution of an electrolyte is .024 determine its equivalent conductivity?
  13. Calculate the max. work that can be obtained from the cell 2n/2 Given E
  14. Define molealerity of a reaction
    For a 1st odrer reaction the ratio the time taken to complete three fourth of the reaction and the time taken to complete half of reaction.?
  15. Define cataphoresis?
  16. Explain cleansing action of soap
    Arrange [I] NH3,PH3, increasing order of basic strength. [ii] H2 is decresing order of boiling point.
  17. Why meta phosphoric acid is………..
  18. NCL3 gets readily ………………while NFf3 does not why
  19. Why BF3 is weaker lewis acid than Bcl3?
  20. Explain the following given reason.
    (I) Compounds of transition metals are after colon red. ?
    (II) Transition elements exhibit variable oridation state.?
    (III) Transition elements have high melting and B.P.?
    (IV) Ticl3coloured while Ticl4 is colour less
  21. (I) Give the IUPAC name of
    (II) Write the formula of the WilkinsinsCatalyst?
  22. Product the structure and hybridisation of in ...............
  23. Ten grams of an X active radioactive isotope are a container .In one ........ the he gas collecetd at 11.2 Calculate the half life of radioisotope?
  24. What are ....................and........................
  25. [a] Give the IUPAC names of
    [b] why phenol is more reactive than benzene towards electrophelic substitution reaction
    [c] explain .............. rule
  26. How will you comment -
    Acetophenon to benzoic acid?
  27. why cyclohexylamine is a stronger base then .............?
  28. How will you prepare terylene or ............?
  29. How do amino acids form proteins ?
  30. Distinguish between the terms antigenes and antibodees?
  31. What are the consituents of starch?
  32. Give an example of sulpha drug?
  33. Define [i] Antipyreties [ii] A................ with example?
  1. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
  2. Solid State
  3. Solutions
  4. Thermodynamics
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. Chemical Kinetics
  7. P Block Elements
  8. D and F Block Elements
  9. Nuclear Chemistry
  10. Stereo Chemistry
  11. Organic Functional Group I
  12. Organic Functional Group II and III
  13. Surface Chemistry
  14. Chemistry In Every Day Life
  15. Polymers
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  19. Practice Paper No.4


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