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CBSE Important Questions

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Practice Paper 1

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  1. What is The Maximum Number Of Unpaired Electrons In Cu + [z = 29] Ions
  2. Why is Frankel defect not found in pure alkali metal hallides
  3. Why does a dry cell become dead after a long time even if it has not been used?
  4. What does reciprocal of gold number indicate.
  5. How is Xe of 2 prepared? Give example?
  6. Draw the structure of p4O10 and identify the number of single and double P-O Bounds.
  7. Write the IUPAC name of the compound [Cr(NH3)5(NC5)] [Zncl4].
  8. Why are corvohydrates generally optically active?
  9. Why G is positive for photochemical reaction?
  10. Name the chemical responsible for antiseptic properties of detol?
  11. Write the molecular orbital electron distribution of Oxygen. Specify its bond order magnetic property?
  12. A compound of vanadium has a magnetic moment of 1.73 B. M. work out the electronic configuration of the vanadium ion in the compound.
  13. Sodium Chloride solution freezs at lower tempreture than water boils at higher
    Tempreture than water but boils at higher tempreture than water. Explain
  14. Two liquid A and B form an ideal solution and have equal mole fraction if the Pure pressure of liquid A is 500 and of B is 300 mm Hg calculate the pressure of solution.
  15. Calculate the freezing point of an aqueous solution of an non eletrolyte having an a osmotic pressure of 2 atm at 300k (k = 1.86km-1 ; R = 0.082l
  16. Why is entropy of substance taken as zero at absolute zero temperature?
  17. What pressure of H2 would be require to make the emf of hydrogen electrode. Zero in pure water at 25*C?
  18. How many hour does it take to reduce 3mol of Fe3+ to Fe2+ with 2A current?
  19. Give one test to distuinguish whether the given emultion is in water type of water in oil type emultion?
  20. What are the Interhalogen compound? How are they prepared? Why are most of the Interhalogen
    Compound mor reactive then haloogen.
  21. How many stereoisomers are possible forbut-2,3-diol. Draw these.
  22. Why is the boiling point of the glycol is high .
  23. What are the co- polymers. Give chemical for the preparation of cerylene?
  24. Are functioning system of antibodies present in new born babies?
  25. Is a diet consisting mainly of rice of adequate diet? Why or why not?
  26. In the formula Fe(X5 –C5 H5)2 what dose the prefix X5 indicate?
  27. What propellant is planned to be used in PLSV rocket?
  28. The composition of sample of wustite is Fe.93 O1.What percentage of Iron is Present in the form of Fe3+?
  29. Estimate the average S –F bond energy in SF6.The standered heat of formation values of SF6(g) and F(g) are –1100, 275& 875KJ/mol resp.
  30. The rate of constant for an isomerisation reaction A --> B is 4.5 x 10-3 /min. If the initial concentration of A is m, calculate the rate of reaction after 1 hour .
  31. Write the chemical equations for the extraction of phosphorus from calcium. Phosphate and discuss its allotrop.
  32. After an hour , the amount of certain radioactive substance disintegrated was 15/16th of the original amount. What is the half life of the radioactive substance?
  33. How are cynides and isocynide obtained from alkyle halide? Compare their solubility in water.
  34. (a) Give an account of extraction of silver from one of its ore?
    (b) Zn2+ salt are white while Cu2+ salt are blue ?
    (c) Give name three important halide of murcury and give one method of preparat- -ion of each?
  35. Complete the reaction
    (a) (CH3) CCH(OH) ——CH3—— H+——>
    (c) Ph CH = CHen(OH) CH3 ———————> PBr3
    (d) How you convert ethanol to lactic acid?
  36. [a] Write down the ground state electronic configuration of F2+
    [b] The kinetic energy of a sub-atomic particle is 4.55X10-25 J Calcu late the frequency of the particle wave
  37. Calculate the E.M.F. and dG of cell reaction for the following cell at 25 C
    Mg(s) |Mg2+(.001M) || Cu2+ | Cu(s)
    E' Mg(s)|Mg2+ =-2.37 V E'Cu2+|Cu(s) =.34 V
    F= 96500 C/mol
    How long will it take an electric current of 0.15 A to deposit all the coper from 500 ml of 0.150 M copper sulfate solution?
  38. [i] Explain why do transition elements show variable oxidation states. Write all possible oxidation states on an element having atomic no. 23
    [ii] Describe the prepration of Potassium permagnate from pyrolusite ore.
  1. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
  2. Solid State
  3. Solutions
  4. Thermodynamics
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. Chemical Kinetics
  7. P Block Elements
  8. D and F Block Elements
  9. Nuclear Chemistry
  10. Stereo Chemistry
  11. Organic Functional Group I
  12. Organic Functional Group II and III
  13. Surface Chemistry
  14. Chemistry In Every Day Life
  15. Polymers
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